The chromosome locations (loci) of potential regulatory elements in BED format. Typically, these would be transcription factor (TF) peaks from a TF ChIP-seq experiment, output by a peak-caller such as MACS.

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Select the panel of tissues from the same genome and release as your chromosome locations (loci). CisMapper will correlate histone modifications at your loci and gene expression across the panel of tissues to assign a score to each potential regulatory link between a loci, viewed as a potential regulatory element (RE), and the TSS of a gene. See the CisMapper tissue panel documentation for more information on the available promoter databases.

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Click on the menu at the left to see which of the following loci input methods are available.
Upload loci
When this option is available you may upload a file containing loci in BED Format.
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Enter text naming or describing this analysis. The job description will be included in the notification email you receive and in the job output.

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Data Submission Form

Predict regulatory links between genomic loci and genes.

Input genomic locations

Upload a BED file of genomic locations (loci) to analyze.

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Choose the panel of histone modifications and gene expression.

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