fitevd <query length> [options]


fitevd fits an extreme value distribution to a set of score-length pairs.

The outer loop alternates between estimating lambda and K with H fixed and estimating H with lambda and K fixed. The inner loop is the Newton-Raphson algorithm, which is used for solving the estimation problems.


Reads white-space separated score-length pairs from standard input.

Query Length

The query length.


Writes the EVD parameters to standard output.


Option Parameter Description Default Behavior
General Options
-dsmin smax Print length vs p-value for smin ≤ score ≤ smax.
-hH Initial value of H. H is set to 1.0 .
-ilhilh Maximum iterations in outer L-H loop. The maximum iterations in outer L-H loop is 10.
-inrinr Maximum iterations in inner N-R loop. The maximum iterations in inner N-R loop is 20.
-lrlr Minimum ratio of shortest to longest in group. The minimum ratio of shortest to longest in the group is 1.50.
-p  Print p-values. The p-values are not printed.
-rn Use n randomly selected scores. All are used.
-ss Size of length groups. The size of length groups is 10,000.
-t  Turn on debug tracing. Debug tracing is not on.