getsize <sequence file> [options]


The program getsize prints statistics about sequences read from a FASTA file.

When counting letters, alias symbols are first converted to their core symbol.


<sequence file>

The name of a file of sequences in FASTA format. If the filename is given as "-", then the program reads from standard input.


Writes statistics about the sequences to standard output.


Option Parameter Description Default Behavior
General Options
-f  Print the letter frequencies as a C array.
-ft  Print letter frequencies in a LaTex table.
-l  Just print the length of each sequence.
-nd  Do not print warnings about duplicate sequences.
-x  Translate DNA in 6 frames (use with -f or -ft) and print the protein letter frequencies in one C array for each frame.
-codons  As for -x, and also print frame 0 codon usage as a C array.