MoMo Output Formats

MoMo Results HTML Format

See this self-documenting sample HTML results file.

The MoMo HTML file contains five sections:

  1. Header: documentation on MoMo and citation information
  2. Links: links to 1) the discovered motifs, 2) inputs and settings, 3) program information, 4) the results in TSV format, and, 5) the motifs in MEME motif format
  3. Discovered Motifs: the motifs found by MoMo
  4. Inputs & Settings: description of the algorithm and used and its input settings; description of the post-translationally modified peptides in the input; description of the protein database (if any) in the input and of the control peptides used (if any); description of other input settings to MoMo.
  5. Program Information: the software version and command line summary

MoMo Results TSV Format

See this sample TSV results file.

MoMo Results Text Format

See this sample motifs file.