GT-Scan finds optimal targets for genome editing or regulatory interference using CRISPR/Cas or zinc-finger nuclease systems.
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As of 8:30AM July 12 PDT the backlog of jobs has grown to over 700. We are once again forced to disable submissions. It will take several hours to catch up with the backlog. If you attempt to submit a job you will see a Java error message.

Please be mindful that the MEME Suite website is used by students and researchers around the world. Consider limiting your requests to ten a day or so. Keep an eye on the number of waiting jobs. If the number of waiting jobs exceeds 500, it will probably take a day or so to see your results, so please consider waiting to submit your job to a time when the server is not so over-committed. If the number of jobs in the queue gets much larger than 500 we'll have to disable submissions again.

As gratifying as it is to find that the MEME Suite is useful to so many people, the load the system has been under for the last week is not sustainable. The hardware we have is suitable for handling several hundred requests a day, but not several thousand.

If you are a student working on a class project please alert your instructor to the problem, and ask them to contact us so we can try to work out some resolution.

If you are a researcher who needs to run dozens of jobs a day, consider creating a local installation of the MEME Suite tools, either by building the command line tools locally, or using the MEME Suite Docker image.

Development of the MEME Suite was funded by grant R01 GM103544 from the National Institutes of Health.

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